Revitalise your Managers. Reinvent the Workplace.

  • 3GHR  
  • 10 November 2018

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago, people have been valued for what they can produce, but very little attention has been paid to what it takes to be sustainably energised and productive. Instead, working styles have been aligned to the machine, and in recent times, the computer. Essentially always-on, over-connected and operating in a linear fashion.

However, in today’s knowledge-based society, the best measure of success is not time spent at work. More accurately, it’s how much energy employees bring to their hours spent at work. Then, why do we still measure productivity in this way?

Compounding this is the use of technology, employees are now contactable 24/7, so a normal working day doesn’t end when they leave the office. This is further exacerbated when employees don’t make the “right” lifestyle choices for a whole host of reasons, including lack of knowledge, sedentary jobs, time and motivation.

What are the consequences for wellness and performance?

The consequences are of little surprise. We see frequent startling headlines about the effects of this out-of-date operating style on employee health and wellbeing. In June 2015, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published guidance to employers on addressing workplace health and management practices. The report shows the how workplace health issues cost the UK economy £13.4 billion, the equivalent of 27 million lost working days each year. In the US, research has demonstrated that stress alone is costing employers $200 billion annually. The World Economic Forum has predicted a cumulative output loss of $47 trillion in the next two decades due to chronic diseases and mental health disorders.

Empower and inspire employees to bring more of their true potential to work every day

With the research stacking up, it’s time for employers to seize the day and put people before process so they can re-energise, build vitality and give employees the opportunity to thrive at work. However, the right corporate wellbeing programme does a lot more than tell people to eat better and exercise more. Employers and their managers need to take personal responsibility for focusing, inspiring, and regularly recharging the vitality of those they lead.

Ensuring that team members effectively balance stressful periods with real restoration, not only outside of the workplace, but more importantly throughout the working day. As with any initiative employees are far more likely to engage when there is visible and active participation from the leadership team. This is where the education, action and inspiration needs to begin.

Take care of employee wellness, and they’ll take care of business

3GHR’s Vital Manager programme launched in September 2015 has now been run in many locations throughout the UK and further afield in Europe and the USA. The programme is designed for senior professionals and managers, explains the actions and behaviours that contribute to business success, identifies how to unlock energy levels, and how managers can prioritise themselves and their people as a fundamental resource.

The learning outcomes for the participants are to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of vitality and the impact it has on themselves, their team and organisation
  • understand how they can improve performance by increasing innovation and creativity
  • recognise their personal role in building resilience and ways to proactively manage stress to increase productivity, effectiveness and quality
  • appreciate methods and practical tools to fuel their body in order to maximise mood and concentration, and build sustained energy
  • understand how to increase employee engagement through implementing wellbeing approaches, increasing corporate social responsibility
  • identify “disconnect strategies” that will help to improve sleep, reduce stress and improve quality of life both at home and work for themselves and their team

An energised, engaged, productive, and committed workforce comes from investing in employees as people. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of business.

Written by Colette Heneghan, 3GHR Associate and Wellbeing Expert and Author