William Begthel April 2020

William Begthel

William is an executive coach, facilitator and partner at the Center for Excellent Leadership. He guides organizations in defining a clear strategy with concrete objectives. He helps to discover and realize the necessary adjustments in the organization and leadership in order to realize the strategy. He uses his years of experience as a coach, interim manager and general manager, combined with the theoretical knowledge he gained during his studies in Industrial Engineering and his MBA.

Making a good connection between him and the people he works with is the foundation for any intervention. William does this by showing his genuine interest and paying attention. William easily connects to many different people, regardless of their work and thinking level, age or background due to his broad interest and openness. William has a wide range of resources, including coaching, team coaching, training, peer supervision, Agile/Scrum implementation and A3 plan development. William’s craftsmanship is characterized by knowing which intervention is effective at what time and applying it expertly.

Coaching Qualifications/Credentials

  • Experience as a coach, trainer and organizational change in various types of organizations (construction, real estate, ICT, transport and government)
  • Experience in giving management training (Center for Excellent Leadership)
  • Management experience as a board member and General Manager (Schindler Liften BV and Rendon Maintenance Group BV)
  • Experience in Governance (SB member)
  • Experience as an advisor in political organizations (local authorities and EPO)
  • Certified RGO Program Manager and Agile/Scrum master
  • Training in management and governance (MBA) and coaching leadership (CvEL)

Coaching Specialisms

  • Management and Leadership development
  • Coaching leadership
  • Coaching boards and teams in successfully changing organizations


William is an inspirer who enthusiastically takes you and your organization step by step to a higher level. William knows how to stir and convey passion and pleasure. He takes a place in this that leaves room for all your ideas and wishes. William supports with his knowledge, experience and powerful anchors that ensure securing of the process. Through our collaboration with William, we were able to achieve even better results on various fronts within our organization. A pleasant, powerful personality, which we are happy to work with.
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