Shawn O'Rourke 2018 Profile

Shawn O’Rourke

Shawn started his career in operational management before moving into and eventually specialising in People Development.  He has worked with Leaders at all levels within many global organisations and across many different cultures in various parts of the world.

Shawn has developed a unique blend of insights into human behaviour and its impact on performance at work.  He specialises in the development of Leaders, helping them to identify and, where appropriate, change behaviours to enhance personal performance and ensure achievement of their business goals; as well as enabling them to get the best from those with whom they work.

Shawn also works with Leaders and their teams, with a focus on developing tangible business outputs, helping them to become a cohesive unit, identifying effective ways of achieving results and developing strong, durable relationships.


  • Degree in Management
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Qualified and experienced in the use of a range of psychometrics and developmental tools

Specialist Areas

  • Working with Leaders struggling with performance issues within their teams
  • Providing a structure for thinking for Leaders implementing complex strategies
  • Helping underperforming Executives to get back on track
  • Supporting Leaders considered top talent, needing to develop appropriate behaviours for the “next step”
  • Assisting people who are at career/ life transition points


I appreciate the coaching advice and support you gave me over the 6 sessions we had this year. I am very grateful for your unique insights.
Thank you so much for organising and facilitating our recent team event. As you know, the team has been struggling for some time, but now I feel very optimistic about our future!

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