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Robin is one of Europe’s leading communication coaches working globally with CEOs, senior executives, politicians, media personalities and corporate teams.  He works across a wide range of industry sectors and throughout organisations.  He is a popular keynote speaker and author of the best-selling book “Speak So Your Audience Will Listen – 7 Steps to Confident and Authentic Public Speaking”.

Born in Lancashire, Robin spent over 30 years as an actor and is a recognisable voice over artist (he is the MC of the ATP World Tour Finals each November at the 02 Arena in London). He is a respected media commentator, contributing to a wide range of newspapers from The Guardian and The Telegraph, to Radio Times and Huffington Post. Robin is also the leading body language expert for the Daily Mail.

For the last 15 years Robin has been coaching; helping clients to find their natural, authentic voice so they speak with maximum impact and influence. He is experienced in a wide range of settings – from conferences to conference calls.  As a professional writer, Robin is able to advise clients on the structure and content of their message. Robin’s experience, enthusiasm and sense of humour make him a highly valued speaker and coach.


  • Coaching C-suite clients for over 15 years
  • In demand as a keynote speaker, facilitator and MC for conferences and corporate events
  • A respected media commentator on public speaking
  • Body language expert for The Telegraph, The Guardian and Daily Mail
  • Member of the BAFTA voting panel
  • Stage and screen actor for over 30 years

Specialist Areas

  • 1-1 communication coaching for C-suite
  • Running full and half day group courses throughout an organization
  • Helping to develop and clarify the company’s messaging both internally and externally
  • Coaching the soft communication skills around putting other people at their ease
  • Working with teams to develop a unified message and style
  • Coaching for keynote and thought leadership speeches at large conference
  • Running smaller client meetings
  • Dealing with pressured situations – from large speaking events to press interviews
  • Media training for senior leaders – encouraging authenticity, gravitas and humanity
  • Coaching in the delivery of difficult messages
  • Speechwriting for senior leaders
  • Working with teams on their networking skills
  • Working with teams on their skills around phone and video conferencing


If I can speak confidently in front of a crowd today, that is because of Robin! Working with him is always a great value and I am very proud of referring him to my contacts. I am looking forward to working with him again. He is also amazing with different cultures, even over Skype!


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