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Richard Cook

Richard is an outstanding leadership coach and workshop facilitator with twenty-five years of international experience. He works with senior leaders, managers and teams to support sustainable change and improved business results.

His passion is supporting and guiding real change at both the individual and corporate level to deliver extraordinary results. His personal style, and the energy he brings to his work, enables trust and motivation to align quickly for clients – impacting directly on gaining lasting results and turnarounds at individual and team levels.

His vast international experience across five continents enables Richard to move fluidly between and among different cultural groups, achieving synergy across time zones and cultural diversity to support the global business goals of clients.


  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Professional Certified
  • Coach, (PCC) ICF
  • Certified Intercultural Coach & Facilitator
  • Certified in Interactive Experiential Strategies for Cross-cultural Coaching & Training
  • Richard has worked extensively in LatAm, USA, the Middle East, Europe, India and South-East Asia.
  • Certified Licensee for the International Profiler, the International Preferences Indicator, Strength scope & for Motivational Mapping

Specialist Areas

  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Cross-cultural Facilitation & Coaching
  • NLP
  • Coaching Team Leaders & Managers
  • Coaching and Training Programme Design


Working with Richard has been an incredible self-revealing experience. He opens doors that otherwise remain closed without stepping over your own borders too far. It’s a gentile push by means of good listening and guiding which lets you find that path yourself, as such creating your own way forwards.


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