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Rachel Morris

Rachel Morris is a trainer, executive and team coach specialising in resilience in the workplace. She helps people transform how they approach life, enabling them to survive and thrive both at work and at home. She works with professionals in pressured jobs, who are technically very competent and feel they need development in other aspects of their role.

Rachel has had 18 years’ experience as a GP within the NHS and worked at the University of Cambridge for 15 years. She set up and led the ‘Doctor as a Professional’ course for the Medical School before training as an executive and team coach. Rachel focuses on wellbeing and resilience as well as leadership and team development. She understands how the ability to cope with the demands of the job and respond well in a high-pressure environment is vital to good performance.

Rachel works in a variety of organisations both within and outside the NHS to deliver coaching and training for resilience. She runs workshops for managers and their teams, helping them to prevent burnout and stress by transforming the way they work together, having conversations that count, being proactive and taking control of their workload.


  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators
  • Masters in Medical Education, University of Dundee
  • EMCC EQA Award Coach Practitioner Course
  • Team Coaching Course, TPC Leadership
  • MBTI Step I
  • Co-Author of ‘Teaching Professionalism’ Chapter ABC Teaching and Learning in Medicine, BMJ Publications
  • Tutor for PG Cert in Med Ed, Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge
  • Director of Leadership Courses, Red Whale GP Update Ltd
  • Previous Lead for Professionalism University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine
  • Co-Chair of UK Council for Teachers of Professionalism 2015 – 2016

Specialist Areas

  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Leadership and performance
  • Team coaching and team development
  • Creating a resilient workplace


The techniques and tools I learnt have given me the confidence to coach my team in the right way. It has been a real mind-set shift for me. This training should be mandatory, especially for anyone who is moving to a different level of management.

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