Nicole Toorenaar April 2020

Nicole Toorenaar

I believe that growing consciousness is key to transformation in a world which is in constant and fast change, needing courageous and centered leaders at all levels, influencing the world in a positive way.  Liberating that power generates energy, better business results and inspiration.

During my career as an organizational psychologist and international HR and change management professional I gained expertise in facilitating complex changes at organizational-, team-, and individual level and previously worked as a consultant for Amrop, Accenture, ABN Amro, Aon Hewitt, Aberkyn & McKinsey. I’m intrigued by group dynamics and the power of personal leadership in business transformations. In 2013 I started my own practice with the desire to help create meaningful change in organizations from a whole system perspective and develop the leadership for the future.

Clients respect me for quickly understanding and addressing the underlying patterns of organizational and team dynamics and translate this to what that means on a personal level.

The challenge of the current complexity we face – within ourselves, in our relationships, in our organizations – is that it cannot often be successfully deconstructed and resolved from our currentway of thinking or being. My approach to facilitating executive learning involves ensuring an objective, neutral and comprehensive context of personal, interpersonal and system-oriented questioning and reflection. This leads to a safe and practical learning environment where my clients challenge their assumptions and permanently expand their thinking and behavioral repertoires.

Coaching Qualifications/Credentials

  • Degree Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Certified for several 360° personal & cultural developmental tools – Barrett, OCAI, Profile Dynamics and Hogan

Coaching Specialisms

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching & Team Development
  • Facilitating Transformational Change
  • Behavioural Design & Development


The practical and theoretical knowledge of Nicole of different approaches concerning change and leadership is very much worthwhile and of great importance of anyone who considers making use of Four Chambers.
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