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Mark Holliday

Before becoming a professional actor and director, Mark worked for many years as a photographer in the public relations and advertising industry.  Acting experience includes roles in film and television, while as a director he’s worked with Blackeyed Theatre, Phoenix Theatre and numerous companies in Berkshire.


Mark’s work with CentreStage includes facilitation and script-writing. CentreStage’s Diversity Awareness workshop, the Shared Experience team building programme and “Act on It!” a live two-hour show addressing challenges faced by the community and voluntary sectors are some of the current workshops he has developed.  Mark is also a key player in our corporate filming projects, working with Julian on scripting, directing, casting and editing.

“I can quite honestly say that what Mark, Pippa and their team have helped you to achieve in one day, is the proudest moment I’ve had in eight years with this company.”

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