Joe Sheridan

Joe is an experienced film and television actor, role player and coach who has worked throughout a variety of industries including finance, transport, law, telecoms, sports & leisure, fashion and cosmetics. He has worked with high profile clients such as ABN Amro, BNP Paribas, Saatchi & Saatchi, Airbus, BASF, Warner Bros, Oracle, TomTom, Nokia, ASICS, Chanel, Liberty of London and the French government.

Joe has worked extensively in the field of communication skills and prefers to use words like ‘coaching’, ‘stimulating’, ‘encouraging’ and ‘enquiring’ rather than ‘training’, as he feels these better describe his interest in enabling unique human beings learning how to best express their natural selves.

He hopes his style would be to adapt to each individual client and feels that, having worked with Directors such as Besson, Polanski and Freers to name but a few, his acting work has enriched his coaching delivery, whilst his coaching experiences have kept his acting work ‘real’.



  • Degree in Economics
  • Working as a corporate actor for many years
  • Joe completed his education at Glasgow University and has trained at the Royal Conservatoire and Ecole Jacques Lecoq

Specialist Areas

  • Professional role play
  • Joe has specialised in Leadership topics including difficult conversations and public speaking.
  • He’s delivered one to one coaching on communication skills and masterclasses in ‘Energy in the Workplace’


Joe has been specifically requested by many clients, asked to return by almost all and has even been offered employment on several occasions!
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