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Gerri Farrell

Gerri has extensive experience in both the public and private sector, having worked as a team manager and people specialist in many different sectors, from finance to the media world.

A founder member of CentreStage, Gerri has continued her acting career in tandem, appearing both on film and television and touring with stage productions all over the UK.  Gerri oversees the back-office functions of CentreStage, liaising closely with both clients and associates to ensure everyone is where they need to be and fully briefed for what they need to do.

In common with the other CentreStage directors, Gerri has a huge amount of experience using role-play, real-play, forum theatre and scripted pieces.  She has a real passion for working with delegates in one to one behavioural coaching sessions, and using real-play to produce those “lightbulb moments” in development activities.  She has also led on the creation of filming projects, particularly for NHS clients.


Gerri – you were amazing!  Great challenge to the delegate to push herself to use her more difficult scenario and loved how you asked the first person giving feedback to be specific.  Beautiful feedback from you to the delegate on her style – specific, supportive, heartfelt, powerfully given – wonderful.
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