Freek Strebe April 2020

Freek Strebe

Freek is an executive coach, psychotherapist and International Mountain Leader. Originally a tax lawyer at one of the big five firms in the Netherlands, he moved on to several management positions at the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam. After that he joined for 10 years as partner in a management consultancy and training firm specializing in change programs, reorganizations and factory closures with a strong focus on the human side of transformation. He worked with teams from work floor up to the board and is familiar with profit and not for profit environments.

Understanding that leadership begins and ends with one’s personality and personal history – that you are the instrument –  is paramount in his work as a coach. Learning to align thoughts (clear thinking), emotions (source of energy and a directional pointer) and behavior (effective action) to whatever ‘life throws at you’ is the base line of his method. Being a Dutchman he is sharp in his analysis, direct and to the point with straight humor but also empathetic, warm hearted and a keen listener for what is missing in the conversation.

As International Mountain Leader and passionate sailor Freek has a strong and spiritual connection to nature. His adventures in the mountains and on the water make him modest; not everything is possible, setbacks are part of life, ability to tone down makes situations less significant.

Coaching Qualifications/Credentials

  • Post graduate psychotherapist and coach
  • International Mountain Leader
  • Practitioner and Practitioners Trainer Fearless Organization Scan
  • NLP master

Coaching Specialisms

  • Executive Leadership coaching
  • Attending transformation around life events
  • Psychological safety in teams/team coaching
  • Retreats/future quests in the mountains (groups and individuals)
  • Teambuilding on a yacht


The inner mountain is the mountain that is not climbed but ever present. I experienced the trip around Monte Viso as a very intense, beautiful, almost magical trip. The idea of ​​starting at a source of the river Po, walking around the mountain and looking at it from all perspectives with my reflection issue was very insightful and healing. How beautiful it is if nature cooperates and she shares her insights with you in all her splendor, wisdom and wasteland. Freek is a very competent and experienced supervisor in this regard. Not only does he know life in the mountains like no other, but he is also the coach who’s questions give you insights that are shifting to such an extent that the ‘mountain’ will look very different.
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