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Frank Wilson

The majority of Frank’s professional career has been in HR with a specialism in Training and Development. He has facilitated training on 5 continents and 32 countries, honing his skills as a public speaker which has also helped him develop as an actor.

When living in Vermont with his wife they owned a B&B where he caught the acting bug. A movie was being filmed at their home and he got a part in the film. When they went on to sell the property and move to Baton Rouge, they found out they were living in what is called “Hollywood South.” This led to some background parts in feature films and TV, which in turn led to acting roles in TV and commercials, acting classes and so on. Frank now flexes between consulting, voiceover work and acting.


  • Over 25 years designing and facilitating programs on Leadership, Sales and Team building
  • Substantial experience in an international environment having done programs in 32 countries/5 continents
  • Having been a small business owner, understanding the challenges facing businesses today
  • Acting professionally for 4 years and have appeared in numerous feature films, TV and commercials

Specialist Areas

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Coaching
  • Work/life balance


I have had the delight of working with Frank to deliver our Advanced Stakeholder Engagement training in the USA.  His corporate roleplay skills are developed to an advanced level and he was able to portray realistic representations of several different character types in a variety of IT related situations.  Frank made sure he researched our business as well as the business of our client to help ensure the role play was as realistic as possible.  His background in a senior HR position helped to ensure he adopted a coaching style in delivering feedback to our course delegates and this in turn helped them build their own commitment to enhancing their skills.  If you are seeking a business role play actor, I cannot recommend Frank highly enough and am convinced that you will not be disappointed by his abilities, attitude and commitment to your own success.
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