Dirk Boersma

Dirk has been working with Directors for more than thirty years.  He is quick to understand how people feel in the situation they are in.  Dirk works with his coachees on what they want to achieve, helps them to make a good analysis of reality and supports his coachees in developing a path to go forward.

His coaching has a focus on individuals and teams getting the best out of themselves.  Accountability is an important theme in his coaching.  Dirk developed his coaching skills in his professional career as a trainer, a manager and a director in a variety of organisations. 15 years ago, he decided to be self-employed and his career is dedicated to develop coaching as a leadership style.

He started his career as a truck driver and has worked in Indonesia, for 10 years.  He was also a director of Human Resources for a mobile telecom operator.

Coaching Qualifications/Credentials

  • BA in Science of Adult Education
  • Doctorate in Science of Adult Education – specialised in Organisational design & Team development
  • Professional Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
    Certified as an IAP profiler by Trompenaar Hampden-Turner
    Certified to use TMA
  • Currently preparing for a Master certificate
  • PHD Leadership development in Indonesia with prof dr. H. Schulte
  • Finance for non-financials course
  • Multicultural negotiations course

Coaching Specialisms

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Organisational change
  • Team Coaching
  • Experience in; logistics, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, mental healthcare, and automotive industry


Dirk is very experienced as a coach and has a deep understanding about leadership and organisations. These two qualities together with his life-experience lead to another wisdom. He masters the art of powerful questioning coupled with an absolute confidence in the possibilities of people. Dirk really thinks with his clients and thus he establishes long-term relations with them.
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