Caroline Davies

A top Learning and Development Consultant for more than two decades, Caroline Davies provides professional development and leadership training aimed at improving middle and top-level management performance. This results in enhanced team building and communication skills for individual senior staff, and a happier and better-functioning workforce overall.

Caroline assists clients to achieve a number of their goals, firstly by analysing their business needs, and secondly introducing a set of bespoke and strategic Learning and Development initiatives. She is a particular specialist in areas such as ‘motivation’ and ‘breaking down barriers to performance.’ Other specific issues she will look at include facilitating the adoption of a new company culture or management style and helping an individual to transition to a more senior role within an organisation.

A great believer in building trust and openness amongst colleagues in order to create more satisfying working relationships, Caroline has enjoyed an extremely successful international career to date. Past clients have included global brands such as TalkTalk, Oracle and HSBC – including nine years coaching almost 1000 Nokia senior staff in Finland. Back in the UK she has also worked with Sainsbury’s, Taylor Wimpey and the Food Standards Agency here in the UK.


  • Practitioner Diploma in Intermediate Executive Coaching (AoEC)
  • MBTI (Step I and II) Qualified Practitioner
  • Strategic Leadership Development (SLD)
  • FIRO-B certification
  • Personal Directions (PD)

Specialist Areas

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • 360 Feedback Analysis
  • Business Simulation Exercises
  • Personal Effectiveness Workshops
  • Stress Management
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Performance Management Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategy Implementation Initiatives


I don’t believe I’ve had a tougher time with any other coach than with Caroline. She really made me sweat. But yes, in a good way and it’s certainly been worth it.
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