Andy Mack

Andy has held senior board responsibilities, led and motivated multi-site teams, honed his sales and business development skills and managed some exacting operations.  He is responsible for the commercial disciplines within 3GHR and has a significant understanding of the skills and culture fit required to create winning teams, improve performance and forge strong partnerships.  From leadership through to performance management his focus is very much upon making an impact and being both inspirational and influential in business.



  • 25 years board room experience
  • A confident presenter & communicator with the ability to relate to people across all levels.


Specialist Areas

  • B2B
  • Consumer sector
  • Hospitality and Leisure Sectors
  • Sales & Marketing


“Andy is great to work with, he is positive every day, has boundless enthusiasm and draws his many ideas and contributions from years of operational, sales and team leadership experience.” – Simon Clark, Managing Partner 2018

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