Alice Darbyshire

Before Alice trained as a coach she worked in HR across a wider range of industries and sectors. In 2002, she was one in only 10 women working amongst 120 men in a Japanese car part manufacturing plant and 11 years later, she became Partner and Operations Director in a multi-award winning brand and design agency.

An experienced senior HR leader, she has worked both at board level and in close partnership with CEOs and MDs to drive business strategy. Her work today comes from the transitions she led businesses through and that she made personally on her journey to Director.

Today, Alice specialises in working in the creative industry and particularly in marketing agencies and in television (media and production). Specifically, she works as a coach, trainer and consultant with a particular focus working with women to successfully transition into management and leadership roles.


  • Diploma in Coaching
  • Member of CIPD
  • MA in Human Resources Management

Specialist Areas

  • Coaching women in leadership
  • Management and leadership training, with roots in psychology and research
  • Developing managers to support others to perform to their best potential


I always look to turn to the people that I can implicitly trust, to not only get the job done but someone that can do it seemingly effortlessly, and who can ultimately make my life easier.  Alice is one of those rare individuals who knows how to impact business quickly.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you need an exceptional person to help your business grow through the people that you employ.


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