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Adrian McDougall

A modern languages graduate from Southampton University, Adrian has worked extensively in media, marketing and PR, subsequently moving into the world of theatre as a producer, director and actor.  He is the founder and artistic director of Blackeyed Theatre Company, as well as a director of CentreStage, through which he’s developed many live business simulations and written published articles on experiential learning.

Adrian has 16 years’ experience working as a role-player and behavioural coach with individuals at all levels (including executive boards) in organisations across many sectors. He is skilled in providing appropriate challenge and feedback in one-to-one role-play and real-play sessions, facilitating group and forum theatre workshops, as well as taking an assessor role on senior assessment centres.  Organisations he’s worked with include clients from the Communications, IT, Car Manufacturing, Sport, Finance, and Retail sectors.

Adrian has extensive knowledge of behavioural/personality models such as Insights, Transactional Analysis, Situational Leadership and Myers Briggs, as well as a range of feedback and coaching models.


Adrian, you did an amazing job yesterday, well done!  Possibly one of the best examples of working with actors I’ve been a part of.  Some great moments of realisation and learning for people in the room.  Thanks again and I look forward to next time!
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