Nando’s Unleashing Performance

Welcome to the Nando’s Unleashing Performance Bite-size course page. We hope you will find all the information you need on this page. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch and we will be able to assist you. We hope you enjoy your programme.

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Course summary

There’s a knack to getting the best out of others. Explore impactful, easy-to-implement approaches for getting the best out of others, supporting development and facing into challenging conversations.

How does this align to the NanDos?

Gives Feedback
Celebrates Success
Brings out the best in people around them
Gives opportunity to others
Sets clear goals & expectations
Challenges constructively

Growing at Nando’s
Flexing Your Style
Growth Mindset
Guide to Success
Potential Model

Walk-out skills

Support & deliver great performance for both ‘club’ & ‘country’
Know when & how to give ‘tough love’ or praise
Help others find their recipe for success

The ‘warm-up’ – pre-work

Before attending the ‘Unleashing Performance’ module please watch this short video to ‘tune into’ performance culture – Dave Brailsford – The 1% Factor

The ‘layer of spice’ – post work

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Layer of Spice – Unleashing Performance v1

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