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Course summary

Explore how you build and access your resilience toolkit, so that you can dip into this with whatever life throws at you. What is your personal recipe for success? Explore what needs to be present in your ‘I’ and ‘We’ space, in order for you to be resilient and deliver in the ‘It’ space

How does this align to the NanDos?

Performs under pressure
Recovers from setbacks
Shows agility

Walk-out skills

Work out what energises you and what drains you at work, with a view to understanding your strengths and how to play to them
Create your recipe for success and how that feeds into your resilience
Feel more comfortable with ambiguity
Control your reactions and make better choices under pressure
Use your recipe for success to help others around you

The ‘warm-up’ – pre-work

Ask your manager, or a peer for feedback on how you perform and what you demonstrate when you are at your best, and when you are feeling under pressure or challenged.  What differences do they experience in you and can they provide relatable examples?​

Think of the last time you experienced stress, or a challenging situation, at work. What impact did the stress or challenge have on how you behaved and what you were able to achieve?

The ‘layer of spice’ – post work

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Layer of Spice – Resilience

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