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Course summary

Making strong connections with others is so important to success in creating lasting happiness in work and life.

Explore how to build trust and deepen relationships. Discover your own personal impact on those around you, helping to strengthen those connections, ensuring people feel valued with their interactions with you.

This course is for Line Managers.

How does this align to the NanDos?

Clear and honest
Communicates confidently
Shows humility
Takes responsibility for their impact
Builds trust and rapport
Seeks to understand others

Walk-out skills

Communicate in a way that gets the best out of others
Build trusting relationships quickly and effectively
Change to Communicate confidently, showing up as the best version of yourself
Express your thoughts and feelings assertively
Match up your impact with your intent

The ‘warm-up’ – pre-work

Reflect on a relationship or interaction with someone which left you feeling really energised and positive.  What did they do specifically that sparked with you?  How can you adopt a similar approach in your relationships with others?
Watch TED Talk: Your body language may shape who you are – Amy Cuddy

The ‘layer of spice’ – post work

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Layer of Spice – Empathetic & Assertive Communication

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