Nando’s Agile Decision Making

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Course summary

It’s tough to make decisions when the goal-posts keep moving. Discover what it means to be agile, how to effectively weigh up options to make ‘good enough’ decisions and how to change course when necessary.

How does this align with the NanDos?

Shows curiosity
Forward thinking
Takes initiative
Uses the right information, at the right time
Identifies issues
Makes links

Growing at Nando’s
Growth Mindset

Walk-out skills

Know when a decision needs to be made and get the right people involved
Weigh up options effectively
Make decisions confidently
Know when and how to course correct

The ‘warm-up’ – pre-work

Reflect on how effective you are at making decisions and getting things done. What gets in your way or stops you being productive?

The ‘layer of spice’ – post work

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Layer of Spice – Agile Decision Making

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