Management training programmes

Our management programmes are designed to be built around you, and are focused on the practical application of management skills, not the theory. Our flexible content which can be architected anyway you want to create a programme for your business.

If you don’t wish to start from a blank sheet we have developed some fabulous one-day modules targeted at first line managers and a second series aimed at managers of managers. We call this programme “Management Matters”

In our experience this flow is the most powerful but if you would like to create your own pick and mix of modules we are very happy to work with you on the design for a bespoke programme.

Management Matters – A management development programme built around your business requirements

We recognise the different skills that managers need as they progress through the business. We reflect these skills in our programmes with two distinct streams of development . Our Management Matters programme has been designed to maximise the “after training” impact your managers have back in your business right away.

First Line Managers

Managers require different skills as they make their way through the organisation. This Management Development Track focuses on management basics, developing areas for both new managers and refreshing the skills and behaviours of seasoned Managers.

The Modules are:

Manager of Managers

As people rise through the ranks of Management their development needs change. The focus needs to turn to a more strategic approach, providing direction and coaching their teams. The modules we have identified to guide managers and leaders of the future through this journey are:


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