Bite size training

We have always believed in the power of bite size training – and for many years have implemented short training interventions with high energy, high impact learning. To view a list of the modules that we offer please click HERE

For more than ten years, 3GHR have been pioneers in creating one day management modules that come together to form a learning journey over several months. This move away from the traditional residential learning centres greatly reduces the time from training to application, adding value to the business in the shortest time possible.

Bite size training takes this a step further.

We have distilled a series of 2-hour sessions, each intact, rich in content and powerful in delivery. You can implement these as independent modules, or architect a series of bite size training interventions that builds over time to create lasting change.

Our bite size training modules recognize the distinct needs of three audiences:

  • Individual contributors and subject matter experts
  • Line managers, including first-time as well as more experienced managers
  • Senior managers and aspiring leaders

For each audience we have organised bite-size modules under key themes.

Individual contributors 

Being aware of their unique talents and areas for development allows individual contributors to articulate what makes them the person they are, and affords the opportunity to build your their exceptional personal brand.

For some that may mean a move into a management role, for others it may mean becoming a subject matter expert, an influencer or change agent. The starting point is insight and the acquisition of new skills and behaviours.

Know myself

  • Being Mindful
  • Becoming Resilient
  • Personal Confidence
  • Vitality – Sleep and Nutrition
  • Being an active mentee
  • Being Emotionally Intelligent

Being the best I can be

  • Personal Productivity
  • Dealing with Change
  • Career and Personal Development Plans
  • Thinking under pressure
  • Effective decision making
  • Fast and slow thinking
  • Creative problem solving

Relating to Others

  • Successful Networking
  • Maximise your Impact
  • Compelling Communication
  • Being an Active Mentor
  • The Art of Influence
  • Managing Upwards
  • Building Rapport
  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Active Team Working
  • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution

Line managers

Managers need to shift their key skillset – from doing work to getting work done effectively through others. Line managers need to change how they use their time, learning to reallocate resources so that not only is their own work is completed, but that they help others perform effectively.

Blockers and Accelerators

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Leveraging Team Dynamics
  • Delegation
  • Managing Stress in Others
  • Managing Change
  • Conflict Resolution

Unlocking Talent and Potential

  • Solutions Coaching
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Creating Career Conversations
  • Quick Coaching
  • Developing Talent

Clarity and Alignment

  • Setting Inspiring Goals
  • Unlocking Performance
  • Impactful Feedback

Senior managers and leaders

Being a leader requires you to develop a new set of communication skills, and to be comfortable providing direction in areas that are unfamiliar. Leaders need to create an inspiring view of the future, lead people through change and seek ways to innovate and collaborate.

  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Turn this ship around
  • Chairman Meeting Skills
  • Business Story Telling
  • Innovation and Change – Creating Whirlwinds
  • Strategic Thinking Techniques