Management Training Courses

Expresso - Bite size training

Managers are often up against it in terms of time – and so we have developed a series of exciting, distilled bite size management training modules each lasting 2 hours. Each bite size module focuses on just one topic, leaving participants energized and action-orientated.

These can build over time to create a comprehensive management training academy for your orgnization.

Examples of our most popular modules include

  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Courageous conversations
  • Personal productivity
  • Managing upwards
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Management Matters - Management training

3GHR can call on a huge bank of proven management training courses, to design a management training solution matched to your environment, management challenges, style and culture.

These may vary from one-day workshops to customized management training courses which may extend over six months or longer. These are usually supported by team coaching and 360 insights for maximum impact.

With a robust series of existing modules to choose from, you can cost-effectively blend, amend, augment, rebrand, restructure and implement a management training course to suit your needs.

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Architecture and Consultancy

We partner with many organisations to develop unique strategies for learning, to “architect” unique management training courses that make a fundamental difference to individuals, managers, culture and to the organisation.

Tuning into the specific business environment, we design competencies, align development solutions and support Learning and Development teams to create management training courses that are absolutely unique.

These long-lasting learning solutions usually become embedded in organisations, and will develop over time to become a core part of the business.

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Management training courses

Many people promoted into line management lack vital people management skills

Whether you are looking for ILM accredited  programmes, stand alone modules or full programmes of Bite-size Training or one day modules 3GHR can help.

Management training courses are the obvious solution to failures in line management, or under-performing teams – but not all management training courses are created equal. Too often, learning designed to improve performance falls short.

Management training courses often fail to change behaviour. We address this and put behaviour change at the heart of what we do.

A manager’s job is huge. High performing teams, good project management, line management skills, productivity, staff retention and culture are all shaped not by leaders, but by managers.

So whilst leaders bring vision, inspiration and a wide range of strategic skills to the organisation, the importance of good management cannot be underestimated.

Good management requires unique skills that don’t always come naturally. And if there hasn’t been a great senior manager to provide a management role model, line managers can be left floundering.

Research shows that whilst people usually join a company because of the role and the brand, the most common reason for leaving is a bad line manager.

3GHR offers a wide range of people management training courses, from bite size modules to fully customised learning programmes which can be certified by the ILM and result in a nationally recognised qualification in Management and Leadership.


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3GHR management training courses have given our management teams a deep understand of their own abilities and allowed them to experiment to improve performance.

- Melinda Brooks-Bray, HR Director, ASICS EMEA

Many people are promoted into management positions because of technical ability, not management ability

Experienced management training course facilitators bring a wealth of industry experience. Many are qualified coaches.
From good to great

It’s rarely enough to be a good manager

Good managers maintain the status quo. But a great manager has a much more extensive set of skills – from planning and delegation to communication and motivation.

Because the skill set is wide, it’s tempting to focus on a set of core skills required across the whole business. For long-term success, however, HR need to implement a variety of management development courses that can be flexed, recognising the difference between the experience, skills and mindset of different managers. Personal development plans that acknowledge differences in managers’ ability, mindset and opportunities to affect change can then be customised based on that knowledge.

Great managers do much more than to maintain the status quo. Management training courses need to address different competencies and experience gaps for each manager.

The tools and techniques that required may include, for example, time management, planning and delegation, communication and motivation.

Because the skill set is wide, it’s tempting to focus on a set of core skills required across the whole business. For long-term success, however, 3GHR helps HR and L&D teams to design management development programmes that celebrate diversity, and managers’ different strengths, rather than attempting to create clones.

Specifically, we help HR teams dig deep to build management training courses that acknowledge differences between line managers, senior managers and subject matter experts; between different departments and roles; and between managers with very different personal skills and motivation. Read more about our difference, or review one of our case studies to find out more.

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Learning to ask the right questions is an especially tricky skill for first time managers and line managers.

- Ram Charan, Steve Drotter & Jim Noel - The Leadership Pipeline

First time managers and line managers

Being a good manager of people requires a move from solely being accountable for your own work to being responsible for delivering results through others. Line managers are likely to be planning and delegating work, hiring, appraising, assessing and developing people who work for them. In achieving these things, as well as being a great project manager, they will need to be confident and capable of guiding, coaching, co-ordinating and critiquing the work of others.


Our suite of management training courses includes flexible training modules that allow each organisation to build a unique programme, based on tried-and-tested techniques, and matched to your needs. One size does not fit all.

Managers of managers


The transition from line manager to a more senior management role brings a new level of responsibility. With this, managers need to develop a whole new management skillset.

3GHR management training courses help these second-tier managers not only to deliver results today, but to support innovation and to develop the business. They will learn how to communicate vision in a compelling way, how to influence people in times of change and how to deliver difficult messages in an authentic way.

Thought-provoking programmes help managers of managers to make a significant impact on their teams’ performance by changing the way they think about management.

Management Training Course Options

Three distinct approaches to management training that can be customised to suit your business
changing management behaviour through practical and interactive management training courses
Our approach

Management training courses focused on performance

A manager’s challenge is huge: to understand, organise and motivate people to work collaboratively; to achieve more, faster. When a business replaces an underperforming line manager  or senior manager with a strong one, team performance typically goes up by between 13% and 29%.

The Performance Equation or “PAMO” for short, was adapted by Professor John Purcell to create focus on the best way to influence managers’ behaviour through training.

PAMO is woven into all our management training courses, modules and bespoke programmes, and participants and HR managers are shown how to apply the equation to improve the effectiveness of each module.

We can offer a demo to your HR teams so you can find out more about this unique approach to developing management training courses that change behaviour, for good.

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The Performance Equation

P = Performance

Personal, team or company performance is dependent on three fundamental human factors.

A = Ability

A combination of people’s learned skills and their innate intelligence, ability may also be influenced by physical or cultural factors. It is important to stretch people so that they can learn and develop but, if you set unrealistic goals, they are unlikely to develop at all.

M = Motivation

Only if people are willing to change their behaviour, will they do so. There needs to be something in it for them personally, that goes beyond making the company more profitable.

O = Opportunity

People need immediate opportunities to act on what they have learned, as theoretical learning is quickly forgotten. Highlighting this challenge forces participants to consider the best way to implement what they have learned.