Leading and Leadership in a VUCA World

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The workplace is increasingly becoming Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, What are 3GHR doing about this?

The methods of great leaders have always been very identifiable traits, in the VUCA world we now live in can the same be said?

More so than ever before many organisations struggle to maintain performance and productivity. Being clear where you want to take people, and ensuring they have the capabilities needed to get there, are fundamental to business success.

In these conditions, a failure to lead effectively can derail the careers of even the most experienced business leaders. A systematic approach is needed to help every individual with responsibility for managing others to achieve a little more. Senior leaders’ careers will become more secure, and productivity and performance gaps will undoubtedly begin to close.

3gHR helps organisations address management and leadership challenges by creating the environment to learn.

Management Training

We make management training simple. Practical and inspiring content designed how you want it – customised to your business.

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Leadership Development

The leaders in your business give focus, direction and meaning, and shape the world your managers inhabit. Help them shape your business future.

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Our dedicated coaches help individuals at every level achieve more, personally and professionally, especially in a period of transition, challenge or uncertainty.

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Our Solutions for the VUCA World

We help your managers at every level achieve more.

Proven Methodology

We never try to reinvent the wheel, but use proven methodologies and tried and tested techniques to change behaviour. How we work

ILM Endorsed

We are an ILM Accredited Provider . We can also create ILM programmes just for you. Build your programme

Bite-sized Learning

Want to try out a new approach to learning? Our bite-sized modules fit into any curriculum and let you try 3GHR, risk-free. Learn more about Bite-size Training

Changing Minds

We understand the needs of your first time managers, managers of managers, and leaders, we help them transform. Discover a new approach

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