Leadership Development

Exceptional leadership at every level

Sustainable organisational success increasingly depends on effective leadership at every level.

Why leadership development matters

Unlike the overused saying “leaders are born, not made”, true leadership is an attitude and skill that needs to be learned and practiced. In the words of John F Kennedy, “Leadership and education go hand in hand”.

Competitive advantage is created through the behaviour of leaders. At 3GHR, we’ve learned from our work with companies of all sizes around the world that the very best leaders bring both character and competence to their leadership. People want to follow leaders with a clear purpose. Combining this clarity with skilled personal and interpersonal effectiveness allows leaders to cut through differences in age, culture and sex to harness people’s creativity and efforts towards the shared goals.

We support organisations with every type of leadership challenge.

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As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others

- Bill Gates

Many people are promoted into management positions because of their technical ability, not their management ability. We can help.

Our approach

Our bespoke leadership programmes offer the best of tried and tested frameworks and methodologies

All organisations are different. Just as there is no one-size-fits-all leadership style, there is no one-size-fits-all leadership curriculum. Our leadership development programmes are designed to help people think, believe and act as leaders, embedding the fundamental shift from thinking and acting like a manager, to being respected as an authentic and inspirational leader.

Below are four examples of the types of leadership programme we have run for others and could happily tailor for you.

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A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

- Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu

HSBC | Driving innovation

The leadership team in a large organisation needs the confidence of knowing that the lower tiers of management also have the leadership skills needed to implement strategy and get the very best from their teams.

It is these middle management layers however, that are often identified by senior management as the permafrost, slowing or preventing change or stifling innovation and entrepreneurship.

This programme turns these leaders into enablers rather than blockers, driving the transition to a leadership mentality. Moving the focus away from task and project management and onto delivering on strategy and vision through inspiration.

TalkTalk | Leadership styles (“Signature”)

At 3GHR, we define leadership as the capacity to take others with you. This 4-day programme, spread over two 2-day sessions, allows participants to explore and deeply understand the impact (rather than the intent) of their own leadership style.

Highly experiential, Signature incorporates a range of psychometric insight tools, real-time business simulations, feedback and rehearsals (with actors) highlighting participants’ real behaviour rather than any filtered interpretation.

This integrated programme, originally designed for TalkTalk, and subsequently implemented with hundreds of senior business leaders, can be customised to support any established business with a cohort of leaders that need to develop their leadership capabilities and identify their own leadership “signature”.

TomTom | Igniting passion

This leadership programme was initially developed for established leaders at TomTom, and is based on the work of Dan Pink. The programme gives the leadership team the focus and confidence to develop inspirational strategies, and to engage the business in a period of change.

Three simple and interdependent steps – Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery – make up the core elements for this programme.

Over two days, leaders are challenged to explore each and – with actors and a story teller making the programme highly experiential – relate what they have learned back to challenges and opportunities facing the business.

Multiple Clients | Future Leaders Workshop

3gHR’s Future Leaders programme explores the transition from managing others to managing managers and the business. It provides insight and input to help new leaders create their own personal leadership charter – a pledge describing the type of leader they want to be.

Leaders need to divest themselves of day-to-day management tasks and develop the skills of others, assigning managerial work, measuring progress and coaching direct reports.

Leaders need to develop new levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, apply more sophisticated communication and networking skills as they adopt broader more long-term perspectives.

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