Lead with confidence at a time when people are looking to you

  • 3GHR  
  • 26 March 2020

Now more than ever you need to lead your business with confidence and be clear in everything you communicate. People are fearful, uncertain and looking to you for answers and direction. Deep down, you may know that some tough decisions need to be taken as well. You may be struggling to articulate all the questions, let alone be able to readily answer them – and this is made worse by everyone having to work from home making communication harder than usual.

Some of the issues you have to decide on you simply can’t share with your team;  it could do more harm than good and there is a danger that if you talk things through with others in the business you might unsettle them even more. So, at the moment, it feels like you only have yourself to talk to which can feel very lonely.

Whilst you might feel lonely, you are far from alone. We talk to senior leaders every day and, increasingly, they are recognising that having a personal confidante or sounding board helps them to think things through and face into the decisions they need to make. Finding someone you can trust and respect who is outside the business and with whom you can safely download your thinking and talk out loud is key.

Our qualified, experienced Coaches can support you personally, facilitate your thinking and expand your perspective helping you lead your business.

We recognise the need to manage costs at this difficult time, so we are offering these virtual sessions at £350.

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