Executive Coaching

Unique coaching packages to nurture and develop your people

Coaching helps managers and leaders at every level to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities.

Executive Coaching: a strategic investment in key people and for key roles.

Coaching is much more personal than any other training methodology. Our inspirational executive coaches and practical coaching processes ensure that every person that embarks on a 3GHR coaching programme achieves a real and lasting positive change.

Some of the best coaches in the world choose to partner with 3GHR because of our open and honest approach and the professional relationship we maintain with all our clients. Their details can be seen here.

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Coaching is transformational in multiple ways, to the business, to the person and to the others around them.

- Rebecca Rumsey, Coaching Director, 3GHR

The very best sports people would not be where they are without coaching, business leaders are no different

Leadership development
Executive Coaching Options

We offer three specific coaching models, designed to help individuals achieve more.

It can be hard for managers and leaders to discuss challenges at work without losing face. And problems at home can also impact performance at work. Coaching can help bring out the best in every individual. Yet too often organisations reserve their coaching budget for only the most senior leaders.

Our experienced coaches can tailor their approach to managers and leaders at every level.

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Career Transition Coaching

Career transitional coaching helps leaders new-in-role achieve results more quickly and avoid the pitfalls that sow the seeds of failure for many managers in these first weeks. Statistically people who have received Transitional Coaching are more likely to stay in their role so this is a critical investment.

Peak Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching is a completely tailored programme designed to increase personal performance, accelerate insights, skills, behaviours and value.
The process runs over a 6-month period, and includes various insight tools, six half-day face to face sessions and monthly telephone and email contact throughout.

+4 Coaching Programme

+4 Coaching is a tailored and innovative programme designed to maximise organisational budgets by using one Coach to work with four people.
Designed to increase personal performance, accelerate insights, skills, behaviours and value – but with the added impetus of accelerated, fast paced sessions.

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Our coaches’ diverse experience makes it easy to find the right fit

We offer a free session with one of our coaches to ensure the right fit and match for each person or group’s individual coaching needs prior to undertaking a coaching assignment.

Our executive coaches are truly world class and have worked in a broad range of industries giving them the experience to now share their skills with our clients. It would be hard to find industries that our coaches have not worked in, from Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Telecoms, Retail and FMCG.

Whether you are a multinational with multiple management tiers, or a growing business looking for a way to transform performance, coaching can bring out the best in your teams.

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