Unique coaching packages to nurture and develop your people

Coaching helps managers and leaders at every level to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities.

Executive Coaching: a strategic investment in key people and for key roles.

Coaching is much more personal than any other training methodology. Our inspirational executive coaches and practical coaching processes ensure that every person that embarks on a 3GHR coaching programme achieves a real and lasting positive change.

Some of the best coaches in the world choose to partner with 3GHR because of our open and honest approach and the professional relationship we maintain with all our clients. Their details can be seen here.

3GHR also offer programmes to develop your internal coaches including a programme that leads to an ILM Coaching Qualification

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Coaching creates that magical space where the desire to change is supported and long term transformation takes place

- Rebecca Rumsey, Coaching Director, 3GHR

The very best sports people would not be where they are without coaching, business leaders are no different

Experienced management training course facilitators bring a wealth of industry experience. Many are qualified coaches.
Coaching Options and Training

We offer Management and Leadership coaching and also offer a number of programmes to create internal coaches

It can be hard for managers and leaders to discuss challenges at work without losing face. And problems at home can also impact performance at work. Coaching can help bring out the best in every individual. Yet too often organisations reserve their coaching budget for only the most senior leaders.

Our experienced coaches can tailor their approach to managers and leaders at every level and our Coaching development programmes upskill your managers to be brilliant coaches.

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Executive Coaching

Senior executive in an organisation often suffer from imposter syndrome and feel isolated and vulnerable. Our executive coaches provide a safe space to explore executive’s best thinking, discuss personal challenging situations and explore blockages that prevent decision making and acts as a sounding board to explore new thinking.

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Executive Team Coaching

How Executive teams work together impacts a whole organisation. This is bespoke coaching approach works at a systemic level.

Working to understand ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it.


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Embedding leadership learning

Sitting alongside a learning programme, this type of coaching challenges the client to personalise and embed new skills more effectively and raises awareness of the habitual behaviours that get in the way of behavioural change

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Coaching for resilience

Resilience coaching is all about working with leaders to prepare them for the inevitable challenging times. And if the challenging times have already arrived, this coaching provides a safe space to explore current realities, finding meaning and purpose and creative ideas for the future.

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Personal impact and presence

We have a team of coaches and actors who will share techniques to enhance gravitas, personal presence and confidence in any situation.  This coaching is available at all levels in the business, whether you are a CEO preparing for a city presentation, or a new graduate presenting your work to your colleagues.

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Talent Development

Working with high potential talent to realise their potential. This coaching may focus on career progression, managing personal stress, personal presence and how to demonstrate value to organisations.

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Women in leadership

Supporting women to be at their best. Our coaches work to identify challenges the women may face as they climb the career ladder – whether this be from unconscious bias all too prevalent in the business world, or the unconscious bias and limiting beliefs women may hold about themselves. Our coaches accompany women on their leadership journey supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

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Transition and managing change

This coaching supports individuals with the emotional and psychological affects of change. Whether it’s your first 90 days in a new role or adapting to an organisational restructure, coaching during a time of change enables clients to say goodbye and celebrate the past and move into a new reality.

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Our coaches

We have a brilliant network of talented executive coaches throughout the UK and across the world. Our qualified coaches bring to their practise a wealth of knowledge and expertise

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Our coaches’ diverse experience makes it easy to find the right fit

We offer a free session with one of our coaches to ensure the right fit and match for each person or group’s individual coaching needs prior to undertaking a coaching assignment.

Our executive coaches are truly world class and have worked in a broad range of industries giving them the experience to now share their skills with our clients. It would be hard to find industries that our coaches have not worked in, from Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Telecoms, Retail and FMCG.

Whether you are a multinational with multiple management tiers, or a growing business looking for a way to transform performance, coaching can bring out the best in your teams.

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