3GHR and Construction

We partner with your business to design and deliver creative solutions that make a difference right away

Experts at developing Managers and Leaders within the Construction Industry

If you are looking for a development provider that understands the construction world and the unique challenges that your industry faces then you are in the right place.

3GHR have developed long term partnerships with several organisations within the Construction Sector, which gives us a unique insight to develop your most important assets: Your people.

At the heart of our business is our ability to partner with organisations; creating the best development programmes which are high impact and make a difference in the workplace right away.

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“3GHR has made an enormous impact on our business results. I can’t put an exact number against it, but it is truly enormous. Transformational.”

- Roger Morton - Performance Director - Bovis Homes

In an Industry where there is a well known skills shortage developing the right talent at the right time is key.

Creative Design

We offer a range of solutions from Bite-size and one day Management Development through to Leadership and Coaching Programmes

We will challenge you and help you look at things differently as we’ve been in your shoes and we really know our stuff. You will know that we are on the journey with you, and we’ll have fun along the way.

We have worked extensively with Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey to make transformational changes to their management populations through a unique mix of Management Development, Senior Leadership Interventions and Executive Coaching.

To read more about this work with Bovis Homes CLICK HERE and Taylor Wimpey CLICK HERE

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Start with WHY?

There are many reasons why you may want to partner with 3GHR in this way. Do these sound familiar?

  • We’re in need of some inspiration
  • We need a sense-check of what we are doing
  • We don’t have enough time and resources to do what we want to do
  • We need to improve the ROI of development
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HOW will you experience this?

We apply our expertise and professionalism to your situation, drawing on our business awareness within your industry and our pragmatism to help you deliver what is right.

We work with intelligence and integrity – and we do this with energy and personality.

..and we do this because it matters to us and we love it!

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WHAT can we help you with?

  1. Understanding your world and making sense of performance data
  2. Identifying what development is needed
  3. Leveraging stakeholders
  4. Designing the development strategy
  5. Delivering the solution
  6. Building resilience, self-sufficiency and Return on Investment
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FREE Ideas Session

Our creative arctitecture has allowed multiple businesses to go from strength to strength

We offer a free session with one of our creative architects to learn more about what you are currently working on, and doing present you with some transformational ideas for the next phase of people development in your business.

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