Coaching Programmes for Managers and Leaders

Programmes to drive coaching in your business

Coaching is a key skill in business. It allows you to get the best from both yourself and the team around you.

Today’s employees are said to be more demanding than ever before. They want appreciation, autonomy and purpose. They are impatient to succeed and yet are thought to have lower self-esteem than previous generations.

Good leadership builds trust and confidence in others, creating a safe environment where individuals and teams are enabled to think for themselves and can thrive. Coaching skills is the key to be able to meet this need.

At 3GHR we have designed two programmes to develop the coaching skills in the workplace – both recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Manager as Coach and Creating the Internal Coach

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In November 2017, we delivered 10 modular ILM approved programmes which included over 12 hours of work based coaching, mentoring, high quality training and supervision.  Once completed participants gained ILM level 5 Certification in Workplace Coaching and Mentoring.  In partnership with our client it was established that the average return of investment for each participant has been circa £100,000.

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Our approach

Our coaching programmes offer the best of tried and tested frameworks and methodologies to develop internal coaches.

Manager as Coach (ILM Approved)

This three-day programme (two days + one day) is designed for all managers who want to have more meaningful, focused and empowering conversations with their colleagues and direct reports.

Highly practical, the programme provides an understanding of what a coaching culture could look and feel like, provides clarity about differences between coaching, mentoring and feedback and will provide plenty of opportunities to practise these skills and receive feedback on their personal style.

After the two-day programme delegates are expected to put their skills in to practise and return a few weeks later for the third day, ready to review their coaching experiences and explore ways to develop their skills further.

Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Increased autonomy and motivation, releasing managers to focus on other aspects of their roles
  • Staff of all levels are in continuous development which, in turn, assists succession planning
  • Develops trust and improves communication between employees
  • Increases staff engagement
  • Provides talent pool from which to select future Internal Coaches

Creating the Internal Coach (ILM Accredited)

Many companies cannot afford the luxury of providing external coaches for every member of their team and dream of developing their own team of internal coaches who are attuned to the business.


This six-day programme (two days + two days + two days) is designed to create a team of internal coaches, at the end of the programme the delegates will receive an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

The advantages of having internal coaches are:

  • they are focused on the business goals
  • deep awareness of the company culture and ways of working
  • offers a cost-effective way of providing one-to-one coaching opportunities for employees across the business

Brilliant internal coaches can be found across the business and are a wonderful way to deepen the talent of someone who is already demonstrating a passion for developing others.

One client who commissioned 10 programmes in 2017 calculated that the return on investment for each participant has been circa £100,000.

Our six-day programme is ILM approved and provides Level 5 certification in Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace.

Benefits to the Organisation:

  • We can design a programme specific to your company culture and values
  • You will create a specialist cohort of skilled internal coaches who understand the unique challenges of your company
  • Convenient, accessible and cost-effective coaching for employees across the business
  • Boosts employee engagement, retention and improves performance
  • Professional development for individuals selected to be in-house coaches