Coaching for Sales Teams – Scaling

  • 3GHR  
  • 1 June 2016

One of the most powerful tools I have encountered whilst running large Sales teams is the use of Scaling

Scaling is a very simple approach to aid with real world realisation of the success of given situations or circumstances.

A key process in coaching is the power of self-realisation, asking questions such as “What would that look like?”, “How could you have done that differently?” and “What do you think the impact of that was?”.  Adding Scaling to the mix includes a tangible measure to what success looks like. The following example sales scenario illustrates this.

After attending many meetings with both prospects and clients, giving feedback to my own team is always interesting. I have never wanted to create a robotic sales process (despite some pressure sometimes!) so making everyone sell and position products in the same way is, in my opinion, never going to work. The best way is always for people to understand first-hand what could have been done better or what they missed. So, ask a simple question: on a scale of 1 -10 how did the meeting go?

I have never had anyone rate their meeting higher than 8 unless you walked out with a signed contract and met all of your objectives! The situation can now be judged and discussed with your team member. Assuming the response is a 7, a simple and effective response could be “what could you have done differently to make this meeting an 8?”.  What follows is some personal reflection and self-realisation which can be shaped and discussed to ensure that every meeting is a learning and continuous improvement process to refine your sales techniques.

Of course this approach is not reserved only for Sales teams. If you start thinking of what you could have done differently and start personally scaling meetings, interviews, appraisals or training interventions, it is amazing how quickly change can happen.

And the best part? Often you have the answers yourself… you just need ask yourself the right questions.

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Andrew Adams – Sales Director, 3gHR