“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….there was a small business in Reading ”

  • 3GHR  
  • 12 March 2021

We understand more now than we did in the first half of 2019 about the Pandemic. We also see now how it has impacted many lives, the livelihoods of businesses large and small, and critically the terrible interruption it is causing to the education of our children.

We’ve all had to adapt. Our gregarious, noisy, and busy 3GHR office is a distant memory, and we miss it. Our office now looks empty, stripped of the kit to allow us all to work from home and the mail’s been redirected for months. On my last office visit to collect some essential items during the last brief break, it was dark, deathly quiet, and cold. It was a sobering feeling as I walked to my car after resetting the alarm, and locking the door, with the words ‘empty chairs and empty tables’ swimming around in my head. I felt alone and anxious to get some screen time to reconnect with my colleagues.

The pandemic has created significant challenges for us at work. At 3GHR, we are now adept at working remotely, and over the months’ we’ve become skilled at running our regular team catch-ups and customer meetings using a plethora of online collaboration tools. Last week our expertise in handling virtual tech was truly tested when we designed and ran a 4 hour online workshop for over 100 managers based across the globe.

In this session, we started conversations about trust, and its impact on the performance of people, within teams. Our goal was to help them address fears directly and create an environment that will raise ambition, support innovation and drive productivity. The session centred around the work of Amy C. Edmondson on Psychological Safety. We saw first-hand how her ideas were received by a team who are all delivering complex technology projects to their customers, when all of them, and their teams are physically distributed, separated, and working remotely. In these extraordinary times, our customer decided they wanted to invest time and resources engaging their managers in expressing their own fears and concerns, and in charting a course to provide responses to their issues, and the worries of their people. The day was well-received, and we are now working with them to find better ways for their managers connect with their teams and create an environment of positive Psychological Safety.

Like them, we can help you directly measure and manage the previously unspoken and unseen consequences of poor Psychological Safety. Issues such as an absence of open and candid conversations (leaving the elephants in the room not being seen); people not helping each other or feeling able to ask for help; a blame culture where mistakes are seen as failures and held against people; a lack Inclusion and diversity – stifling new thinking

If you are reading this, then you are already focused on making the very best of today to build towards a more healthy, happy, and successful future for your employees and customers. More information can be found here, or just call, we are sure to be close to our home desks!