Circle – The Two Management Development Tracks

Circle 2.0 by 3gHR – Redefining yet again the standard by which Management Development programmes are measured

A Management Development programme built to your exact needs.

Every company is different and a one size fits all approach is not suitable to everyone. The Circle 2.0 is available in a number of different options.

These include:

The modules and how they fit into the Management Development Tracks can be seen below:

1st Line Manager Track

We appreciate that managers require different skills as they make their way through the organisation. This Management Development Track focuses on Management basics, developing areas for both new managers and refreshing the skills and behaviors of seasoned Managers. The Modules are:

Manager of Managers Track

As people rise through the ranks of Management their development needs change. The focus needs to turn to a more strategic approach, providing direction and coaching their teams. The modules we have identified to guide managers and leaders of the future through this journey are:

Create your own bespoke Management Programme

The 16 modules included within the two tracks of Circle Management Development can be separated out to allow us to design and build bespoke programmes just for you.

Whatever your management needs, there is a Circle programme waiting to be designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

The modules are designed as one day interventions but we have also delivered Bite-sized Management modules over just a couple of hours.