Managing the Business

Managing the Business

The transition from Managing Others to Managing the Business requires:

  • A shift in skills, to develop new Communication Skills and being able to manage some areas that are unfamiliar. Learning to consider other business needs and concerns. Teamwork with other managers and compete for resources based on business needs.
  • A change in how to apply time, participating in business-team meetings and working with other business managers, and implementing a strategy that enables them to maintain a sustainable Competitive advantage within their business.
  • A reappraisal of work values, adopting a broad, long-term perspective.

The 8 Modules that can be selected that sit under the banner of Managing the Business are:

Leading Change

Managing Stake Holders

Constructive Collaboration

Effective Business Mentoring

Turn this ship around

Chairman Meeting Skills

Driving Team

Coping with a Crisis

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