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Head, Heart and Legs

It refers to our belief that the role of HR in organisations needs to evolve to become more business focused in aligning people strategies and tactics to current business imperatives.  It focuses us on finding businesses where the leadership within that organisation is seeking this alignment and working with them as business partners.

The concept of appreciating people is fundamental to our business. Our vision is to make the workplace more human; balancing the three agendas of logical/rational (HEAD), emotional/intuitive (HEART) and the execution/action (LEGS). We do this by working with Managers and leaders within organisations to help them get the best out of their people.

We deploy an understanding of positive psychology and the science of motivation and engagement to provoke and enable sustainable changes in behaviour.  Such changes have to be aligned to a clear purpose or strategy to generate improved performance. To deliver these changes we use a combination of delivery mechanisms:

  • Bespoke Leadership Development workshops,
  • Circle™ Management Development programmes
  • Team Interventions
  • Executive Coaching