Berit Susan Sievers

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Berit’s coaching style might be described using the following characteristics; honest, open and direct, curious and respectful, with humour and empathy.  Challenging questions and highly attentive listening skills have contributed in Berit building a number of trustful and effective customer relationships with coachees of various backgrounds; in terms of industries as well as hierarchy levels.  She likes to accompany her coachees in changing their perspective, exploring the context and bigger picture, thinking about consequences and utilising their strengths.

Berit loves to unlock her clients’ ability to discover new details and unexpected options and to extend the range of alternatives – in how to act, how to think, how to behave – and how to ‘be’.

Coaching Qualifications/Credentials

  • Certified in Solution Oriented Systemic Coaching
  • Certified in Personnel & Organisational Development
  • Certified in Systemic Organisational Consultancy
  • Certified in Holistic Organisational Consultancy
  • Certified in Golden Profiler of Personality® (GPOP) & Hogan Assessment

Coaching Specialisms

  • Dealing with leadership capabilities and the process of cultural change
  • Leaders faced with challenges such as changes in structures, processes or personnel and/or accompanied with resistance and conflicts in their teams
  • Deliver 360° feedback and coaching for personal development and resilience


“When I recall the beginning, and now look at the present and the change in me and in my environment, well, I never imagined how positive the outcome would be in the end. Your outstanding expertise and insightful, proactive and 360-degree approach, as well as your way of “not letting go” whenever I struggled to describe situations exactly, have prepared me perfectly for specific issues in my role as manager. We found the trigger for my spin-out behavior and I no longer allow myself to be triggered. I never thought that I could turn a weakness into one of my biggest strengths. I can’t thank you enough.”  Executive in an international pharmaceutical company