Case Studies

Playing with life – Using Constellations to explore life, systems and stuff

6th March 2017

Nearly five years ago I found myself on Dartmoor in dark misty rain, wearing my then rubbishy wet weather gear, leaky boots, and surrounded by an intriguing mix of people I had met only earlier that week.  I was on…

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Can better leadership help address the UK’s yawning productivity gap?

27th February 2017

Scott Chambers, our CEO at 3gHR was recently interviewed by The Telegraph as part of their Business Reporter feature, the video can be seen below together with and article published alongside this video which touches and expands on some of…

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Virtual Coffee – the No. 1 Leadership Skill

20th September 2016

“Look Mum, no hands!” – is exactly how I felt when I first moved into a role with the responsibility to achieve great results based on how well I could motivate my team of Account Managers to align with my…

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Leadership in the West Indies Cricket Team

5th August 2016

In 2010 the rich turquoise Caribbean Sea gently disturbed the moored boats just a few metres below the training ground where the coaches of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) were searching for methods to develop the leadership within the…

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Riding the career wave

26th July 2016

New ways of working and the impact on engagement There are currently two very interesting phenomena reshaping the way we work. In the UK today, 18.5% of the population is of retirement age and over, and this will increase significantly…

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3gHR announces new partnership with talent specialists Stanton House

2nd June 2016

3gHR has teamed up with talent acquisition specialists Stanton House to deliver a series of round table events and conferences over the next 12 months. Established in 2010, with a vision to make recruitment more customer-focused, Stanton House already has…

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Are leaders born or grown?

8th February 2016

Leaders – Born or Grown A few years ago I found myself in a conference room just outside Durban, South Africa listening to a most unassuming, yet powerful talent developer.  Martin Dreyer is his name, and unless you follow the…

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How innovative sportswear brand ASICS is investing in frontline talent

19th January 2016

In December last year, ASICS signed 16-Year-Old sprinter Candace Hill to an exclusive 10-year contract with the shoe and apparel brand, making her the youngest American sprinter to go professional. ASICS has carved a niche for themselves in the sports…

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Revitalise your Managers. Reinvent the Workplace.

4th November 2015

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago, people have been valued for what they can produce, but very little attention has been paid to what it takes to be sustainably energised and productive. Instead, working styles have…

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PAMO – The tricky business of managing performance

28th September 2015

An introduction to PAMO. Making meaningful changes to our own or the team’s performance is arguably often the hardest thing for us to achieve. For individuals or teams to be at their absolute best, they require the necessary skills and…

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