Stephen Bailey

Stephen has an executive team background in high growth FTSE 100 companies in the Technology and Telecoms sector. With a 25 year career in senior management positions, he knows what it’s like to operate at the sharp-end of business.

Since 2003 Stephen has specialised in helping businesses improve their sales performance through their people. Using thoroughly researched assessment tools, he brings a systematic approach to identifying, understanding and developing behavioural success factors.

  • Strategic Insight: A more profound and precise understanding of the behaviours critical to the future success of your sales organisation.
  • Transforming Sales Capability: Detailed development road maps that pinpoint what needs to change and focus development for true business impact.
  • Mobilising Personal Change: Behavioural profiles that create a powerful call to action, energising change for sustained performance improvement.As a consultant, Stephen has used his long-term experience of up-skilling sales forces to support senior sales leaders and HRD professionals in taking their sales organisation to the next level. With his insightful approach, Stephen helps his clients bring-to-life new sales cultures, move to new models of selling, and to coach and develop their teams to continued success.Some recent client project examples:
  • Sales Leadership: Building a stronger sales management team and embedding ‘sales manager as coach’ at the core of the role.
  • Enterprise Sales: Moving to a consultative model of selling and becoming more adept at creating unique business value.
  • Sales Leadership: Coaching and mentoring high value, complex sales and C-suite selling.
  • Hiring Account Directors: Diversifying the talent pool to revitalise the sales operation.Stephen is accredited to deliver a range of assessment instruments including Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM and Sales Performance AssessmentTM.

He holds a diploma in advanced executive coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.