Sandro Anfuso

Sandro is a work and organisational Psychologist with a Specialisation in Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis Orientation, both in one to one and group settings.

Sandro also works as a Trainer and Management Consultant in some organisations or training providers, with specialisms in:

  • Potential and Selection Assessment Centre
  • Development Center/Lab
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Talent Management
  • Mentoring and CoachingWith a background in Talent and Organisational development, Sandro is able to provide thought leadership in the areas of people management, assertiveness, delegation, transition to new roles and organisationRelevant qualifications and personal development:
  • Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Psychotherapist specialising in Transactional Analysis
  • Trainer in Counseling courses (3 schools in Italy)
  • 10+ experience in HR Talent & Organisational Development
  • International Company experience (Europe, Middle East & Africa level)
  • Assessment and Development Centre designer and Senior Consultant