John Ranson

As a qualified engineer and having been MD of a company, John has a unique ability to develop commercial awareness in technical and professional people. Where organisations require specialised personnel to be in front of a customer, John can help them in that task by demonstrating how technical expertise lends itself seamlessly to consultative selling.

By harnessing what people are already good at in terms of solution design, John creates a unique blend of product knowledge, sales process and excellence in communication skills that build long term profitable business relationships and create competitive edge. With an ability to develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced he can provide practical tips that can be implemented immediately

With over 15 years’ experience in designing and delivering learning and development programmes. Helping people to change or adapt their working habits, and find new ways to operate business processes, John enables people to embrace change, and help them realise their true potential, boost their self-confidence and motivation so that they go back to their work energised and ready to make a difference.

“John changed the way I see the client/salesperson relationship- he’s inspirational”

“John established a good rapport with each of us and gained respect and trust – he didn’t talk down to us and wasn’t ever negative- always positive and encouraging”