Diana Danziger

Diana has over 20 years’ experience in consulting in the areas of personal and organisational development.   The focus of much of her work centres on fulfilling potential, adapting to changing business circumstances, and bringing out the best in individuals, teams and organisations. Diana’s early career was spent in management of an academic institution, followed by two years with a consultancy specialising in strategy and structure. She left that organisation to concentrate on working with individuals and teams.

Diana has designed and delivered management and leadership development programmes for people and teams at all levels in their organisations, as well as assessment/ development centres for people with high potential in their organisations. She works with teams to help them become high-performing, and this includes intact, temporary and newly-formed teams.

Diana’s experience also encompasses training and development with individuals throughout the organisations she works with. Her training and development programmes include self-awareness and development, influencing skills, assertiveness, change management, presentation skills and one-to-one coaching for professional development.

Some recent project examples:

  • Facilitation and follow-on coaching of a Transformational Leadership programme for senior partners of a “Big Four” consultancy firm
  • Design and delivery of global management and leadership development programmes for a recruitment company engaged in a major re-organisation, with emphasis on individual development as a leader, managing change, and organisational culture
  • Working closely with the senior leadership team, design and implementation of an assessment-for-development centre for managers identified as having high potential in the IT function of a global FMCG company
  • Facilitation of a workshop for a newly-formed team in which tensions were already forming, and working with them to identify sources of the tension and constructive ways of working together

Diana holds a BA in Psychology, a M.Sc. in Organisational Psychology and is accredited to use a wide range of psychometric tools, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Firo-B, Hogan Development Survey and NEO-PIR.