Centre Stage

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Adrian McDougall

Adrian graduated from Southampton University in modern languages before working extensively in media, marketing and PR.  After becoming a professional actor he has worked with many theatre companies, touring nationally and delivering numerous educational and issue-based drama projects.  He is also founder and artistic director of Blackeyed Theatre Company.  His experience includes the creation of Media Challenge Workshops, the delivery of interactive forum and role-play scenarios, as well as presenting and group facilitation.  He has also written a number of published articles on experiential learning.

Gerri Farrell

Gerri has extensive experience in both the public and private sector, having worked as a team manager and people specialist in many different sectors, from Finance to the Media world.  Gerri specialises in the design of role-play and forum-based drama solutions.  As an actress and presenter, she has appeared both on film and television and toured with stage productions all over the UK.

Julian Hirst

Julian is a former associate of ICL Learning, The Cable & Wireless College and Peritas plc, where he gained a wide experience of effective communication skills and became a firm believer in the efficacy of drama based learning solutions.  In a parallel career Julian spent many years in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management both in the UK and Switzerland prior to becoming a professional actor/entertainer.

Pippa Shepherd

Pippa trained in hospitality before spending several years working in all aspects of the industry, including hotel conference and functions management.  She then crossed the Atlantic where she taught drama.  She has worked on theatre projects with patients at Broadmoor Hospital, written numerous plays, including various issue-based plays commissioned by the EU.  Pippa is a skilled facilitator, and delivers Diversity Awareness, Appraisal Conversations and Customer Care workshops, as well as role-playing.

Mark Holliday

Before becoming a professional actor and director, Mark worked for many years as a photographer in the public relations and advertising industry.  Acting experience includes roles in film and television, while as a director he’s worked with Blackeyed Theatre and the Phoenix Theatre Company.  His work includes facilitation and script-writing and he has created diversity awareness and team building workshops.


“They are consummate professionals; they get under the skin of the organisation to understand the brief and to deliver tailored forum theatre, business role plays and give specific and high quality feedback that participants consistently identify as some of the most useful elements in their development process.”