Adrianne Sale

With 14 years’ global experience within multiple industries including Hospitality, Oil & Gas, IT and Telecommunications, Adrianne brings a clear headed focus to achieve workable solutions.  A highly driven and dynamic individual, Adrianne leads and directs projects from conception to completion, demonstrating a natural ability to influence and build strong relationships with peers, employees and other stakeholders.

Working as an internal consultant within Nokia and leading the Learning & Development function at Symbian OS, Adrianne has designed, managed and delivered projects in Leadership Management, Change, Competency & Skill Development, and Talent development across multiple business units in countries around the world.  With the innate awareness of how to flex her style to work effectively with different personalities and cultures, she has the gravitas and confidence to work with Senior Leaders in a variety of contexts.

Adrianne is trained in KornFerry Decision Styles and is accredited to deliver SHL Level 1 & 2, OPQ32.

Specialist areas/Project work:

Adrianne has designed a Sales General Manager Programme through a comprehensive analysis of current programmes and business needs.  Resulting in accelerated development via exposure to key business people and concepts, structured learning and tailored input.

She has conceived, sourced and implemented a Sales Foundational Skills E-learning Programme for a global audience.  Adrianne has initiated a broad analysis consisting of interviews with the global sales force at multiple levels in the organisation to further quantify and assess the global e-learning market, reviewing cost, content, delivery and implementation.

She has experience of working with transitional competencies from SHL based competencies to Lominger, linking key competencies and advising on how to update other dependant systems such as the Performance Management and development.

Adrianne has developed and facilitated Management Development Centres; programmes to identify skilled and unskilled behaviours and as a result, create a 30, 60 and 90 day development plan.

She has identified a new market for recruiting in Eastern Europe and created and implemented a global strategy which was signed off by the Board to attract and employ within EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East) business.